[Serusers] Blocked flag per domain

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Mon Feb 16 14:10:17 CET 2004

On 16-02 12:35, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> 1 domain with Y accounts requires 2xY commands to block/unblock instead 
> of possible two commands to block/unblock one domain. This is not a 
> scalable.

  Yes, but it is the only solution instantly available.

> I would find some flags useful set per domain:
> 1. Block/unblock is one of the features.
> 2. Another feature discovered here "in the real world" is the selection 
> of a different Media Proxy per domain, a customer from Japan would not 
> find acceptable to run its proxy in Europe and vice versa (the round 
> trip time is 250 ms).

  You should talk to Maxim about that since it requires changes to
  nathelper module.

> A group table for domains or extra columns in domain table comes to my 
> mind.

  A flag column in domain table sounds good to me, patches are welcome.

> Jan, what is your opinion about extending a bit the domain 
> functionality in this respect?

  I agree, perhaps you could extend the domain table with flags column
  and implement a function that can test the value of the flags. Please
  send patches to serdev at lists.iptel.org if you do so.


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