[Serusers] QOS in ser

Nils Ohlmeier nils at iptel.org
Wed Feb 11 15:54:31 CET 2004


Am Wednesday 11 February 2004 15:35 schrieb Annie Sasidar:
>   I dont know if this is already present or even if it is valid. SER is a
> router so is there a way that voice packets get priorty over other packets
> between the two devices that are registered on the SIP server? I know that
> the SIP server does not work with the RTP packet but when a user is trying
> to invite a new user for a conversation is there a way for ser to determine
> whether the network available at that time will allow the voice packets to
> reach destination without distortion. Would like to know your insight on
> this.

if you take a look at the classic SIP trapezoid below, you will probably come 
to conclusion that their is nearly no way internet (excepted are very special 
network setups, e.g. private networks only) to make any QOS for the RTP 
packets, because you do not know which way they will take.

      Proxy -SIP- Proxy
     /               \
   SIP               SIP
   /                   \


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