[Serusers] PSTN Routing script problems

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Tue Feb 10 17:09:45 CET 2004

On 10-02 10:08, Greg Fausak wrote:
> This probably means you need to to a www_challenge() www_authorize()...
>         if(!proxy_authorize("DOMAINNAME", "subscriber"))
>         {
>                 proxy_challenge("DOMAINNAME", "0");
>                 break;
>         };
> You can replace proxy_ with www_, however, I think the
> proxy_ is more correct?  I've actually run across UAs that
> won't respond to www_...

  Actually www_* functions are more appropriate for the registrar, proxy_*
  are usually used when you forward the request (such as INVITE). A good
  implementation should be able to respond to both.
> The is_user_in() call looks in the credentials for the user_id,
> and that user_id is used for a lookup in the grp table for a grp
> with a value of 'local', ie:
>    select * from grp where user_id = 'user_id' and grp = 'local';
> The reason credentials are used is because the from can be trivially
> forged.

  Yes, exactly.


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