[Serusers] connection being dropped

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Mon Feb 9 20:31:58 CET 2004

On 09-02 14:24, Srbislav Cvetkovic wrote:
> Hello,
> Have any of you had an experience with Grandstream BudgeTone phones? My 
> outgoing calls are being dropped after 16 seconds. My system looks like 
> this:
> Grandstream phone --->
> 					SER sip proxy ----> VEGA 50 SIP 
> 					gateway.
> x-lite softphone		---->
> When i make an outgoing call from my softphone it works fine. But not 
> with ip phone. After 16 sec. my VEGA gateway disconnects the call. 
> After talking to VEGA customer support they told me that my ip phone is 
> not replying back to VEGA's ACK requests, and eventualy after 26 sec. 
> VEGA dropps the call. Does anyone out there have a similar setup or 
> ever experienced such a problem? I am running the latest firmware on my 
> ip phone.

  There is no reply to ACK and the gateway does not send any ACK in this
  case. The ACK is generated by Grandstram and x-lite. Use ngrep (or
  similar tool) to check whether the grandstream phone gets 200 OK and
  generates ACK.


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