[Serusers] connection being dropped

Srbislav Cvetkovic srbislav at city-net.com
Mon Feb 9 20:24:40 CET 2004


Have any of you had an experience with Grandstream BudgeTone phones? My 
outgoing calls are being dropped after 16 seconds. My system looks like 

Grandstream phone --->
					SER sip proxy ----> VEGA 50 SIP gateway.
x-lite softphone		---->

When i make an outgoing call from my softphone it works fine. But not 
with ip phone. After 16 sec. my VEGA gateway disconnects the call. 
After talking to VEGA customer support they told me that my ip phone is 
not replying back to VEGA's ACK requests, and eventualy after 26 sec. 
VEGA dropps the call. Does anyone out there have a similar setup or 
ever experienced such a problem? I am running the latest firmware on my 
ip phone.

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