[Serusers] aliases

Srbislav Cvetkovic srbislav at city-net.com
Thu Feb 5 21:00:19 CET 2004


I have a question. I have two users 1000 and 1001. I have two 
grandstream phones that I registered with those usernames. I have added 
aliases for them:
serctl alias add 8000 sip:1000 at mydomain.com
serctl alias add 8000 sip:1001 at mydomain.com

When i try to call 8000 from a softphone both of the phones ring. 
However after the timer is out  I get 408: Request Timeout error 
instead of going to voicemail. I have a user 8000 with voicemail 
configured. my voicemail is running on a different machine though.

Any clues?

I tried adding it to the location table but still the same issue. I 
just want my phones to ring together, and if no answer go to voicemail. 
If it's picked up, then it will ring all phones again, so someone else 
can take the second call.I would like to use aliases so I we can still 
call local extensions internaly.

thanks in advance

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  srbo at city-net.com            | Pittsburgh, PA	
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