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Joao Sampaio est-j-sampaio at ptinovacao.pt
Wed Feb 4 16:13:17 CET 2004

I've already solved the problem! I watched the debug of sems and realised
that it couldn't writte to /tmp/ivr. So I created that dir and it started
Now I'm having these problems and doubts:
1st. How can I call the IVR to listen to my (or some user) mailbox messages?
How can the caller be equal to the callee so that ivr.py can enter in that
if condition? 

2nd. I try to change the python file script in sems.conf by I always got the
ivr.py responding! If I put nothing it will not working(of course), but if I
configured with horoscope.py I got the beaviour of ivr.py

Thanks one more time.


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I'm trying to work with the IVR from SEMS. 
I've looked to the example config file that is in the CVS and I realised
that is very similiar to the one that I have to Voicemail.

So, I just wrote other condition "If" in my Voicemail script so that SEMS
answers with IVR from requests to sip:ivr at domain

What is happening is that SEMS answer the call but them imediatly send a BYE
message and the call is terminated without no answer.

Does anybody had the some problem? 

Here is is my Voicemail and Sems config file 


Best regards, 


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