[Serusers] Re: Help

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Feb 3 14:33:49 CET 2004


1. please always ask to the mailing list - so more people will help you, 
and others can also benefit from the solutions.

2. you need the nathelper module. take a look at the archive and search 
for nathelper, e.g. using google and search for:
   nathelper site:mail.iptel.org

there are several threads about nathelper and NAT problems. you can also 
find documentation in the README and the sample cfg of the nathelper module:

also the ser-FAQ gives some tips:


Joao Carlos Moura wrote:
> Dear Klaus -
> Thank for your support. I read the files from the list and I setup up my 
> SIP SERVER. After that, I restart my server and I receive,  unfortunatly 
> 22 configuration error messages. I need to authenticate my equipments 
> (SP 200 - SIGNAL) with PRIVATE IP. Where can I suppose to find these 
> informations or even if you have and could send to my e-mail 
> informations that use this installed module like the example below:
> My sample: 
> SP200 (> to Be SIP Server ( 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The server can receive the contact from SP200 but can´t answer back. The 
> IP that´s generated and it s shown on MYSQL LOG
> is: 
> Any clue?
> I count with your help and patience, 
> João Carlos Moura
> *João Carlos Moura
> NiNeTel Telecommunications
> +55 85 264-9039*

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