[Serusers] Voicemail..

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Mon Feb 2 13:20:06 CET 2004

sorry, but I'm confused about your terminology. What do you mean by 
calling via the gateway - are you calling from PSTN into a PSTN/SIP 
gateway whcih forwards the request to the SIP proxy?

Or do you mean that you have to SIP proxies (ser) - one as main proxy 
and one as voicemail backend? Calling into the vm-proxy directly works, 
but calling into vm via the main proxy doesnt't work?

Is it just that the playback of the recording doesn't work? Can you 
record a message and will it be sent via email?

Try to watch the logfile at the vm-proxy - if there is some difference 
between direct calling into the vm-proxy or via the main proxy:
as root:
tail -f \var\log\messages

you can also increase the debug level to get more info in the log-file 


Atle Samuelsen wrote:

> Hey again
>  Iv just got a weird problem.. When I connect my ip phone to the
>  voicemail gateway.. it works Perfect. I get the voicemail message and
>  everything.. Tho..
>  When I try to call via the other gateway  (my regualar ser).. I get to
>  the voicemail.. it picks up the phone.. tho No voice back.. 
>  anybody had this problem before?
>  - Atle
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