[Serusers] t_uac_dlg() bug ?

Jim Burwell jimb at jsbc.cc
Thu Oct 30 16:46:06 CET 2003


I was trying to get click-to-dial working from SERweb and it was failing 
for unclear reasons.  I then experimented with the "ctd.sh" script, 
which does the same thing as the SERweb PHP code.  I found that it would 
fail during the 'dummy invite' stage, returning an odd error if I used a 
URI which used a SIP domain/realm, but would work fine if I used the IP 
address of the SIP proxy as the domain.  i.e.:

    ./ctd.sh sip:joebob at mydomain.com sip:billybob at mydomain.com   <- fails
    ./ctd.sh sip:joebob at sip:billybob at mydomain.com        <- succeeds

The reply from SER would be "500 fifo_uac: no mem for hf block" .  The 
log file would have these errors:

    ERROR: mk_proxy: could not resolve hostname: "mydomain.com"
    ERROR: uri2proxy: bad host name in URI <sip:joebob at mydomain.com>
    ERROR: uri2sock: Can't create a dst proxy
    ERROR: get_hf_block: send_sock failed
    ERROR: fifo_uac: no mem for hf block

So it appears that SER didn't understand that the URI's domain was 
itself, even though there's a host alias line in the ser.cfg file 
listing "mydomain.com" as an alias for this host.  It's as if it thinks 
it needed to relay the transaction to another SIP router, and look up an 
IP to do so.  If "mydomain.com" were placed in /etc/hosts as an alias 
for the system SER was running on, or if a DNS SRV entry for the SIP 
domain were created pointing to the SER system, voila, the 
"sip:user at domain" form would work just fine.

Is this a bug ?  I think SER isn't checking SER host aliases against the 
SIP domain if the SIP request comes in via the fifo t_uac_dlg() command.

I'm using the SER release 0.8.11-r1, aka the "stable CVS" release.


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