[Serusers] No sound between two end points

Leif Madsen leif at hacklocalhost.com
Fri Oct 24 17:38:49 CEST 2003

Morning all,

I currently have SER and SERWEB up and running, and it's working great. 
  Yesterday when I was using it, I was able to call between my softphone 
on my Winders box to my Asterisk box, and it worked fine.  Today I am 
able to connect in both directions, but I don't get any sound.  The 
Winders box has no firewall up right now to block the RTP port 
transmission, and I know the Asterisk box is fine as I am able to talk 
to other people through it.

I don't remember changing anything between when it was working, and when 
it was not working, other than restarting SER as my * box would not 
register with it for some reason.  Restarting SER fixed the registry 
problem, but now I have no sounds.

Any idea's of where I can look to sort out this problem would be 
appreciated.  Also, I am running SER v 0.8.11 on RH9, installed via RPM.

Thanks in advance,

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