[Serusers] Re: [Serdev] undefined symbol: XML_GetCurrentByteIndex

Daniel-Constantin Mierla mierla at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Tue May 20 19:23:31 CEST 2003

you need 'expat-devel' package installed if it exists for your 
Linux/Unix distribution (same problem as 

Best regards,

On 5/20/2003 7:00 PM, jaime at umtstrial.co.uk wrote:

>I am using CVS version of ser. When compiling the Jabber module everything
>seems OK, however when loading the configuration file, the following error
>#>./ser -f serconfs/xxjab.cfg
> 0(31994) ERROR: load_module: could not open module
><./modules/jabber/jabber.so>: ./modules/jabber/jabber.so: undefined
>symbol: XML_GetCurrentByteIndex
>The expat library is installed. These are the modules I am trying to load:
>loadmodule "./modules/print/print.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/textops/textops.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/tm/tm.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/maxfwd/maxfwd.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/sl/sl.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/mysql/mysql.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/registrar/registrar.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/usrloc/usrloc.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/pa/pa.so"
>loadmodule "./modules/jabber/jabber.so"
>Any help would be very appreciated.
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