[Serusers] jabber module

Phil Yuska pyuska at shitworks.com
Sat May 3 00:47:40 CEST 2003

Are the sessions between the jabber.so module and the jabber server
persistent? It seems like the session establishes then drops after each
message is delivered to the jabber server resulting in this error being
reported back to the client.  

ERROR: Connection to Jabber server lost. You have to login to Jabber
server again (join the conferences again that you were participating,
sip_to_jabber_gateway says:
INFO: Your are now offline in Jabber network.

I'm also seeing these errors, but I'm not sure if they indicate a
problem or if it's just house keeping done by ser.

1(11705) XJAB:xjab_check_workers: error - worker[0][pid=11717] lost
 1(11705) XJAB:xjab_check_workers: worker[1][pid=11719] has exited -
status=0 err=-1 errno=10

Finally can the presence module be used with version 0.8.10?



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