[Serusers] SYSLOG Error Messages

Ricardo Villa ricvil at epm.net.co
Thu May 1 19:49:46 CEST 2003

It all depends on how the NAT device handles the ports.  If the NAT device
changes the source port (5060) to something else when the ATA tries to
register with SER then you do need port forwarding.  But if the NAT devices
keeps the source port (5060) the same when it sends the packet out to SER
then you do not need port forwarding.  You only need to tell the ATA to send
a dummy packet to SER every 90 seconds or so.  The parameters are:

NatServer:<your ser server>

We have encountered both types of NAT devices in our deployment.


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We have been deploying ATA 186s using port forwarding.

Am I correct in understanding that you have been deploying with NAT but
without the need for port forwarding.

Could you please describe the required settings on the ATA

Thanks, Dinesh

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    We have deployed many Cisco ATAs behind NAT devices.  In order to keep
the NAT session binding alive, we enabled a feature on the ATAs that
basically send a small dummy packet to SER every 90 seconds.  Everything
works great.  The question is, how can I suppress the WARNING/ERRORS that
these dummy packets present to the SYSLOG?  Is there a simple way to do this
in the ser.cfg file?

    These are the SYSLOG messages:

    May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: WARNING: upstream bug -
0-terminated packet
    May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: parse_first_line:
message too short: 3
    May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR:parse_first_line: bad
    May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: parse_msg: message=<>
    May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: receive_msg: parse_msg


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