[Serusers] SYSLOG Error Messages

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Fri May 2 00:49:20 CEST 2003

At 04:35 PM 5/1/2003, Ricardo Villa wrote:
>We have deployed many Cisco ATAs behind NAT devices.  In order to keep the NAT session binding alive, we enabled a feature on the ATAs that basically send a small dummy packet to SER every 90 seconds. 

Out of curiosity: how did you exactly make the ATAs to send the keep-alives for you?
Did you write your own image?

> Everything works great.  The question is, how can I suppress the WARNING/ERRORS that these dummy packets present to the SYSLOG?  Is there a simple way to do this in the ser.cfg file? 

Send some SIP keep-alive messages. SER drops non-SIP messages. If you are sorry
about too large messages, you could generate such which include only first line
and topmost via (elements which are always checked) and include a method check
in script, which drops them.


>These are the SYSLOG messages:
>May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: WARNING: upstream bug - 0-terminated packet 
>May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: parse_first_line: message too short: 3 
>May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR:parse_first_line: bad message 
>May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: parse_msg: message=<> 
>May  1 09:20:58 maui /usr/sbin/ser[23389]: ERROR: receive_msg: parse_msg failed 

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