[Serusers] More on PSTN gateways....

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Sat Mar 29 17:25:50 CET 2003

At 05:47 AM 3/29/2003, Dan Austin wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a SIP stack for Linux, where the code is documented well 
>enough so that someone not an expert on SIP programming can
>figure it out?

A possibility is our FIFO UA, part of SER. It was built to couple SIP-unaware
applications with SER over stdin/stdout interface. We use it for our click-to-dial
and voicemail application. The adventage is it is pretty simply and you don't need 
to run into stack details. For sake of completeness: some in our team would prefer 
a stand-alone SIP stack better, but we don't have any yet.

If that is interesting for you, we will be glad to provide you with guidance.


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