[Serusers] affordable PSTN gateway

Ricardo Villa ricvil at epm.net.co
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I have been interested in the Mediatrix 1204.  It is about US$500 and has 4
FXO ports.  If
anybody has tested it please let me know.


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> during my pstn gateway survey, some people asked about cheap PSTN
> gateways. Let me share what I know, speak up if you know more.
> analog
> -------
> AudioCodes and AlliedTelesyn provide SIP FXO gateways wuith four ports
> for about $1000. We have both of them in our lab (i.e., they do exist)
> but haven't tested them yet (i.e., we don't know if they work).
> MediaTrix might have some too, perhaps sightly cheaper, but they denied
> shipping to us as we are not in their interoperability club (which makes
> me cautios about their interoperability).
> arrayvox was claiming to have some very cheap ones, but I neither know if
> they shop nor if they work. The same for welltech.
> in general, not only is a challenge to make the sip part of it work, but
> also the analog -- tone recoginition may be pretty challenging. It differs
> country from country and pbx from pbx.
> digital
> -------
> I don't know -- some people meant Asterisk would do that, some other meant
> not really.
> other
> -----
> someone told me vegstream (both digital and analog) was good and
> more can be found at
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