[Serusers] affordable PSTN gateway

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Fri Mar 28 13:02:38 CET 2003

during my pstn gateway survey, some people asked about cheap PSTN
gateways. Let me share what I know, speak up if you know more.

AudioCodes and AlliedTelesyn provide SIP FXO gateways wuith four ports
for about $1000. We have both of them in our lab (i.e., they do exist)
but haven't tested them yet (i.e., we don't know if they work).

MediaTrix might have some too, perhaps sightly cheaper, but they denied 
shipping to us as we are not in their interoperability club (which makes
me cautios about their interoperability).

arrayvox was claiming to have some very cheap ones, but I neither know if
they shop nor if they work. The same for welltech.

in general, not only is a challenge to make the sip part of it work, but
also the analog -- tone recoginition may be pretty challenging. It differs
country from country and pbx from pbx.

I don't know -- some people meant Asterisk would do that, some other meant
not really.

someone told me vegstream (both digital and analog) was good and afforable.
more can be found at 

Jiri Kuthan            http://iptel.org/~jiri/ 

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