[Serusers] More on PSTN gateways....

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Sat Mar 29 05:47:45 CET 2003

I'd guess that many folks on the list are as interested in
finding a low cost PC based gateway as I am.

My research has uncovered on possible candidate, and caused
some confusion at the same time.

I came upon a product called Wildcard T100P.  A single loop
T1/PRI card with linux drivers, for the oh-so-reasonable price
of US +ACQ-500.  The catch seems to be that there is no gateway
code written to date to use the card, at least no code whose
only function is to be a gateway.  There is also a single
port FXO card for US +ACQ-100

It turns out that the OSS PBX Asterisk can leverage the card,
has support for SIP, and is in general really cool, but too
feature rich to be used as a PSTN gateway.  Sure the price is
right (free).

Has anyone worked on or with the Wildcard?  Details about the
card can be found at http://www.zapatatelephony.org/ 

What is lacking appears to be a package that can leverage
the Wildcard library with a SIP frontend.  I am tempted to
try to workout what the framework of such a package would
look like, and try to rough out some code.  The problem with
that is I'm no coder+ACo-.  The source for the Wildcard driver is
well documented, so I may try anyways.  Can anyone recommend
a SIP stack for Linux, where the code is documented well 
enough so that someone not an expert on SIP programming can
figure it out?

+ACo- Not professionally.  I have needed to debug C source before,
and have written small tools that to be honest were not at all


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