[Serusers] help with accounting using mysql

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Thu Mar 27 21:45:45 CET 2003

At 03:15 PM 3/27/2003, Nils Ohlmeier wrote:
>On Thursday 27 March 2003 15:09, Sunithi JP wrote:
>> hi all,
>>   i mailed earlier regarding this. this is really urgent.
>> i have just installed SER (version 0.8.10) along with the MySql support. i
>> made entries for 2 users using "serctl add" command and am able to place a
>> call between them using MSN messenger.
>>   i want to know what accounting support is available using MySql. what
>> settings need to be done? are any records generated and placed in the
>> database? how do i access these records?
>>   in ser.cfg i have loaded modules acc.so and mysql.so.
>> pls help asap.
>Their exist no support for storing accounting information in the MySQL 

To be precise -- it is on CVS but it is not supported yet.


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