[Serusers] RE: need help regarding SIP

sreedhar reddy g--effone.net srgooty at effone.net
Thu Mar 27 10:47:55 CET 2003

Hi all,

i'm also facing the same problem. I installed SER in Linux.  I got the
following output. Now how to start the server and how to test or use

cd utils/gen_ha1; make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/gsreddy/temp/ser/sip_router/utils/gen_ha1'
gcc -c gen_ha1.c
gcc -c calc.c
gcc -o gen_ha1 gen_ha1.o calc.o ../../md5.o
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/gsreddy/temp/ser/sip_router/utils/gen_ha1'
install  -m 755 ser /usr/gsreddy/sbin/
install  -m 755 scripts/sc /usr/gsreddy/sbin//serctl
install  -m 755 scripts/ser_mysql.sh  /usr/gsreddy/sbin/
install  -m 755 utils/gen_ha1/gen_ha1 /usr/gsreddy/sbin/
install: cannot stat `modules/auth_radius/auth_radius.so': No such file or
install: cannot stat `modules/group_radius/group_radius.so': No such file or
install: cannot stat `modules/uri_radius/uri_radius.so': No such file or
install: cannot stat `modules/vm/vm.so': No such file or directory
install  -m 644 README /usr/gsreddy/share/doc/ser/
install  -m 644 README.cfg /usr/gsreddy/share/doc/ser/
install  -m 644 INSTALL /usr/gsreddy/share/doc/ser/
install  -m 644 README-MODULES /usr/gsreddy/share/doc/ser/
install  -m 644 AUTHORS /usr/gsreddy/share/doc/ser/
install  -m 644  ser.8 /usr/gsreddy/share/man//man8
install  -m 644  ser.cfg.5 /usr/gsreddy/share/man//man5

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Subject: [Serusers] RE: need help regarding SIP

> hi vijay,
>   i did the installation through root. i think u cannot go about the
> installation as a user as u wont have the privileges. Pls ask ur system
> administrator to log is as root and do the installation.
>   also, pls send ur mails to everyone in the mailing list by sending ur
> mails to serusers at lists.iptel.org. this will help others with similar queries.
> rgds
>  sunithi
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> From: vijay [mailto:vktiruveedula at foreseeinfo.com]
> Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 2:16 PM
> To: Sunithi JP
> Subject: need help regarding SIP
> hi sunithi,
> recently i was allocated work on SIP. what i have to do is i have to make
> our IM to talk with SIP clinets using SER.
> For this i have downloaded the SER from iptel.org. As a first step i have
> install SER in my user account in linux and go thorough it.
> But it is not compiling and giving error (Permission denied). So which
> i have to modify in order to compile / install the ser files in my account
> as i have no permissions to root folder.
> So can u help me how to compile and install the ser on linux with mysql
> support and how to make call to MSN using SIP.
> awating u r kind help / guide lines regading this.
> bye
> vijay
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