[Serusers] Accounting Script

Greg Fausak greg at august.net
Wed Mar 26 15:40:13 CET 2003


I've actually written the postgres module for SER twice now.
It isn't working consistantly for me.  Things run for  while
and eventually core dump.  That is why I haven't released it.

I think I'm a pretty good coder.  I can't believe I can't make this
The layering in SER is very good, and it frustrates me that
I cannot get the module to work for an extended period of time.
I must be missing a fundamental concept.

I put debugs in the code, and printed a message every time any of the
main modules were entered.  My results were not conclusive, but it
occurred to me that the init/open module wasn't being called
before the channel was being used.

I also had another bug where the communication channel becomes
corrupted...so I put some code in that closed and reopened the postgres
bb com channel in the event an error occurs...this worked but it should
not be necessary.

Anyway, I had a postgres module that worked for serveral
hours at a time.  I can dust it off and see if I can get it going again.
Perhaps with your help we can finish it.  I have every intention
of releasing the code via GPL.

I too perfer postgres over mysql for many reasons.  We are doing our
SER accounting in postgres.


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> To: Michael Haberler
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> Hello,
> On 26-03 08:18, Michael Haberler wrote:
> > me as including the SER user base would be interested.
> > 
> > Also, we are migrating towards a Postgres shop here, so I 
> would be very 
> > interested in Postgressifying the whole thing, accounting 
> and SER itself.
> > 
> > There was a post a while ago that somebody set out to do a 
> DB interface 
> > SER/Postgres; if this is under way, fine - if this project 
> was abandoned, 
> > we might chip in and do it - pleas get in touch with me
> > 
>   We are also very interested in postgres support, IIRC Greg Faustak
>   wanted to develop the module but I don't know what is the current
>   state, Greg, could you clarify, please ?
>   I am ready to give you support and we could distribute it 
> along with ser if
>   you decide to develop the module and release it under the 
> terms of the
>   GPL.
>    Jan.

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