[Serusers] Iconnect

Ricardo Villa ricvil at epm.net.co
Mon Mar 24 23:22:27 CET 2003


I was wondering if something like this could be possible with SER:

If we use SER as the SIP server for a small company and they wanted to have
access to a SIP PSTN Gateway, could we just open an account with Iconnect or
Vonage and have all the company's PSTN traffic be redirected to the Iconnect
SIP gateway by SER (SER would have to rewrite the INVITE so that the
originator has the username/password of the account that we setup).

In the eyes of Iconnect or Vonage the calls would be coming in from one
user(the account that we opened).

I know this is a little extreme but seeing that SER can rewrite and
manipulate so many other things, maybe it could do this as well.


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