[Serusers] Multiple Registrations

'Jan Janak' jan at iptel.org
Wed Mar 19 22:17:13 CET 2003


thanks for the info, as I have no ISP experience, it is hard for me to
understand why such restriction is benefical for ISPs. Some comments are
inline, I would appreciate if you could give me more hints. I've sent a
patch that implements the restriction, but honestly I still don't understand 
motivation for the restriction.

On 19-03 14:19, Greg Fausak wrote:
> Jan,
> I agree hat the feature is very useful.  However, from
> an ISPs point of view, it may be desireable to restrict it.

  Why is it desirable ? Why, for example, your costumers are not allowed
  to have MS Messenger for IM&P and some kind of SIP hardphone for voice
  sessions ?

> Most of our customers are only permitted one sip phone
> connection.  Same sort of thing with dialup accounts, it is possible for
> radius to authenticate multiple connections, but, an ISP may only
> wish to allow one dialup connection...this was difficult to do with
> radius for quite a long time.  I know I would like to restrict my
> customers to just one connection.

  I think that dialup account is something completely different. I
  understand that ISPs want to restrict costumers to just one
  connection, but on top of the single connection you can have several
  simultaneous SIP sessions running. You are limited by the available
  bandwith only. I think that you don't restrict users to just one FTP 
  connection at a time, do you ? Why do you want to restrict SIP this way ? 

> Is it possible to call a deregistration function when the register
> happens?

  No, there is no such function, see the patch that I sent a while ago.

   regards, Jan.

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