[Serusers] Multiple Registrations

Ricardo Villa ricvil at epm.net.co
Wed Mar 19 17:30:08 CET 2003

Hi Nils,

I agree that my example is not normal behaviour.  But out of 100 users, I am
sure,  at least one would experience multiple registrations due to dropped
dial-up calls.  And modifying the UA agent as per your suggestions is really
beyond my control.


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> Hi Ricardo,
> On Wednesday 19 March 2003 06:25, Ricardo Villa wrote:
> > When we have a situation in which a PC changes IP addresses (like on
> > dialup), we end up with multiple registrations (see below).  Is it
> > to configure SER so that it only has the latest registration?
> as Juha allready stated normaly the UA should unregister.
> And to your example i would say this is not normal. If a user contacts
every 5
> minutes from another IP he should set the expires value in its UA to value
> that nothing goes wrong. I mean in reality i would not expect that some
> registers every 5 minutes from another IP. But if the user do it this way
> should set the Expires value maybe to 7 minutes.
> And the last choice would be that the UA unregister all previous
> contacts (for example on startup) and registers its current contact after
> this. But this should be an option for user who know what they are doing
> example an extra button which ask twice before unregister everything).
> And at last: the q value gives the user the chance to configure in which
> sequence a proxy with forking should try to reach the user at the
> contacts. So the user can configure that the proxy should first try
contact a
> and after this try contact b because of its higher or lower (i'm currently
> not know how the contacts will be sorted) q value.
> Regards
>   Nils Ohlmeier
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