[Serusers] Multiple Registrations

Nils Ohlmeier nils at iptel.org
Wed Mar 19 16:14:34 CET 2003

Hi Ricardo,

On Wednesday 19 March 2003 06:25, Ricardo Villa wrote:
> When we have a situation in which a PC changes IP addresses (like on
> dialup), we end up with multiple registrations (see below).  Is it possible
> to configure SER so that it only has the latest registration?

as Juha allready stated normaly the UA should unregister.

And to your example i would say this is not normal. If a user contacts every 5 
minutes from another IP he should set the expires value in its UA to value so 
that nothing goes wrong. I mean in reality i would not expect that some 
registers every 5 minutes from another IP. But if the user do it this way he 
should set the Expires value maybe to 7 minutes.

And the last choice would be that the UA unregister all previous registered 
contacts (for example on startup) and registers its current contact after 
this. But this should be an option for user who know what they are doing (for 
example an extra button which ask twice before unregister everything).

And at last: the q value gives the user the chance to configure in which 
sequence a proxy with forking should try to reach the user at the different 
contacts. So the user can configure that the proxy should first try contact a 
and after this try contact b because of its higher or lower (i'm currently do 
not know how the contacts will be sorted) q value.

  Nils Ohlmeier

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