[Serusers] Multiple Registrations

Juha Heinanen jh at lohi.eng.song.fi
Wed Mar 19 15:11:48 CET 2003

Ricardo Villa writes:
 > When we have a situation in which a PC changes IP addresses (like on
 > dialup), we end up with multiple registrations (see below).  Is it possible
 > to configure SER so that it only has the latest registration?

it might be possible to configure ser that way, but the problem may also
be with you or your sip ua.  

you should namely exit your sip ua before you logout your dialup or
whatever internet access.  at exit the ua should send a register request
with header field:

	Expires: 0

and that will remove the registration from ser.  if your ua doesn't send
that kind of register request at exit, then there is a bug in it, which
should be fixed rather than removing forking capability from your ser.

-- juha

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