[Serusers] Alternative to Mysql?

David Beckemeyer david at bdt.com
Wed Mar 12 19:43:45 CET 2003

I'm trying to get SER up and I need auth.  I'm not a Mysql user
and, frankly, I'd rather not need to learn it, just to get 
authentication support.  I wish there were a middle-ground 
between no-auth at all and a full-blown Mysql installation.

I tried the Cookbook approach, using Dan Austin's HOWTO for
setting up Mysql for SER, but the commands do not work as shown
so I'm left with learning Mysql through and through to debug 
why those cookbook commands don't work.

I'm very familiar with SIP and I want to test SER, not a new Sql 
server DB engine.  It seems like Mysql is a distraction to that 

Is anyone working on something like a flat-file module to
replace Mysql?  Any pointers for the best place to start on
developing such a module (i.e. shortcuts)?


  - david

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