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Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Tue Mar 11 12:17:54 CET 2003


On 10-03 12:47, Stephan Reiff-Marganiec wrote:
> Managed the Parsing now. I see your point with respect to the response, but
> how would I handle the following case then:
> 1) Proxy received Request from UA and should respond to the UA swallowing
> the original message (that is my module generates a response message) -- as
> I tried above.

  sl_send_reply function in sl module, you can call this function directly 
  from the script and it will send a stateless reply, you just give id reply 
  code and reason phrase. You can call this function from your module too, 
  look into ser-0.8.10/modules/registrar/save.c for example.
  After you send a reply, your function called from the script should
  return 0 to the core which indicates that the core should stop
  processing of the script.
> 2) Proxy receives response from terminating side UA/Proxy and should respond
> to them, that is generate a new request without the response bubbling up to
> the UA.

  This can be done using tm module callbacks. See
  ser-0.8.10/modules/tm/README for more description. tm exports function
  t_uac_dlg which can send requests. Let me know if you need any further
  assistance, I will try to find some example how to do it.
> 3) Proxy creates a number of responses/requests to be send.

    You can call sl_send_reply/t_uac_dlg several times.

  What version of ser are you using, 0.8.10 or a CVS snapshot ?

> I was assuming to find a functions like send_request(msg) and
> send_response(msg) or send_msg(msg) that can be used by modules to send msg
> to the proxy and leave the routing to the proxy according to ser.cfg
> instructions, but ignoring instructions in the route block *before* the call
> to the module -- which probably should allow me to do all of the above.

  sl_send_reply (sl module) or t_reply (tm) module can send replies.
  t_reply also terminates transaction created by the original request.
  t_uac_dlg (tm module) can send requests.

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