[Serusers] multiple registration on one user login

Ng, Soo Sim SooSim.Ng at hp.com
Wed Mar 5 23:37:31 CET 2003


Scenario is providing IP Telephony to the household.
I am more concern about the security of the Hardphone. I am thinking of auto-provisioned the hardphone (eg C7960, ATA186) without subsriber intervention. What the subscriber know is their phone # (Just like legacy phone system).

Since the Hardphone is 'hard-coded', the phone can move round the vicinity of the redisential area and still able to make a call. Potentially this will lead to abuse, as someone may take the phone to a different location when owner is not around and make a 'free' call, return back the phone and the billing still charge the original subsriber.

Any other suggestion to counter this issue is much appreacited.


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At 03:08 PM 3/4/2003, Ng, Soo Sim wrote:
>I have such requirements. In providing sip-based residential ip telephony, I would like to restrict each home subsriber is only allowed to register one UA per account. This would make easy for billing purposes and for security reasons.
>Is there a way to achieve this requirement with SER?

If that is your desparate wish, it is little overhead to make you happy.
I'm still not sure though, it is a useful thing.

Maybe an operator can make more revennues if my wife can accept calls at 
any phone in my building and initiate calls in parallel with my doughter.

What are exactly the billing/security reasons here?


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