[Serusers] Debian ser wont start up

Jaime Hemmett jj at datafast.net.au
Wed Mar 5 01:22:57 CET 2003

I installed ser stable then unstable debs on my 2.2.20 kernel install of 
unstable debian.


when init.d/ser start: 
Starting ser: serToo much shared memory demanded: 33554432

Mar  5 10:09:19 webserver ser: ERROR: shm_mem_init: could not attach 
ry segment: Invalid argument
Mar  5 10:09:19 webserver ser: could not initialize shared memory pool, 

a friend sent me:

 from shmctl(2):
 Various  fields  in  a  struct shmid_ds were shorts under Linux 2.2 and 
have become longs under Linux 2.4. To take advantage of this, a  
recompilation under glibc-2.1.91 or later should suffice.  (The kernel dis-tinguishes 
old and new calls by a IPC_64 flag in cmd.)

Do I need kernel 2.4?  Any hints?  Have I missed some documentation?

Jaime Hemmett

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