[Serusers] Error from PSTN2PC

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Thu Jun 19 22:15:55 CEST 2003

thanks for your report. please submit complete troubleshooting
information, as decribed on out website www.iptel.org/ser/bugs/
-- we will be glad to review if complete (message dumps, syslog
messages at least).



At 12:08 PM 6/19/2003, Jade Chen Yan wrote:
>hi, all,
>i want to call from pstn to the agent which registers at ser.
>but when I call the sip agent from PSTN, the CISCO gateway get the 500
>server errror from ser.
>d05h: Received:
>SIP/2.0 500 I'm terribly sorry, server error occured (1/SL)
>Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
>From: "8010" <sip:8010 at>;tag=6483474-1312
>To: <sip:8275 at;user=phone>;tag=d907c03782364451
>Call-ID: EC4BBA87-15E311CC-82EADFF8-C6A5744F at
>CSeq: 101 INVITE
>Server: Sip EXpress router (0.8.10 (i386/linux))
>Content-Length: 0
>Warning: 392 "Noisy feedback tells: pid=2
>168.15.41 in_uri=sip:8275 at;user=phone out_
>10.97 via_cnt==1"
>and my sip agent can get the invite message, and the cisco gw can get my 180
>after 500 error.
>i have the following line in my ser.cfg
>  if (!lookup("location")) {
>   sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");
>   break;
>  };
>  t_relay();
> };
>also I have add the usr and usr contact  in the mysql db.
>BTW, how can I read the debug information. In my ser.cfg, I set debug = 5;
>Best Regards,
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