[Serusers] Ser 0.8.11Pre29 Number of processes

Damien Vicq vicq at research.bell-labs.com
Thu Jun 19 17:03:21 CEST 2003


I have just upgraded our ser 0.8.10, which worked fine, to ser 0.8.011Pre29,
with the Jabber and PA modules running.
The problems I am encountering are:
when in debug mode I often get error messages: XJAB:xjab_check_workers:
worker has exited, status=0, err=-1, errno=10. I have not found the meaning
of this error code.

More serious: ser seems to create many processes (up to more than a hundred
after some hours of use), which after a day or so crashes the servers it
runs on (Linux Redhat 9, bi PIII-500). Do you know where this can come from

Thanks in advance,

Damien Vicq
Bell Labs

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