[Serusers] kphone needs to register twice

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Wed Jun 4 15:56:04 CEST 2003


On 04-06 12:37, Alexander Hoffmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I experienced some strange behaviour of my kphone (V3.11). When I click
> on register the first time nothing happens (no error message, keeps
> offline). Clicking the "register" button the second time makes kphone go
> online.

  Yes, this happens sometimes, try to restart kphone.

> With the help of Uli and Daniel (thanks !) I could record the network
> traffic caused by both clicks. In the attached file the first two
> messages were caused by the first (unsuccessful) click on "register".
> The next two messages where caught after my second click on register
> which succeeds. Comparing the two requests I saw the different entries
> in the "Expires" field (fist 0, second 900) but to my surprise even the
> call-IDs are the same. 

  Yes, the message with Expires: 900 is a registration, the other one is

> Do you know what is going wrong here ?

  Nothing, if you click on register it tries to register. If you click
  the button again then it unregisters again, and so on. From time to
  time the button needs to be clicked twice (restart should help).

> BTW: Of course I don't mind to click on register twice in kphone. But
> right now I have a problem receiving messages with MS Messenger (will
> describe that separately if I cannot solve it myself) and I'm trying to
> find out if the reason is within the SER on UA's side. Therefore I
> cannot ignore anything that looks like an error (e.g. wrong config) in
> SER or an UA while I'm testing different scenarios.

  Jiri has replied this already.


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