[Serusers] Dynamic routing on SER

jaime at umtstrial.co.uk jaime at umtstrial.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 12:48:46 CEST 2003

Hello all,

I am wondering if Iptel is thinking about implementing an extension to
provide dynamic routing configuration obtained from an external device (a
database or other SIP server).

The extension could be a module that, given a specific criteria (specific
user/group, SIP method, time of day, subscribed service) would route SIP
messages (may be with modifications) to another SIP entity.

I would imagine that with the current implementation of SER, you could use
the existing location table store any triggers for a specific user,
something like this:

if (method==REGISTER) {

# Authenticate user....
   save ("location");


When any message from that user comes in, it would be possible to check
the profile in this way:

if (method==INVITE) {

# may be modify SIP message according to what came back from DB

So any changes on routing criteria could be held on a database (SQL, LDAP,
RADIUS, DIAMETER...) and changed there instead on the "route" clause. The
difficult part would probably be to establish the Service Set format and
modify the location or create another table to reflect those triggers for
that particular user. But I think the rest is not that far from now...

Is there anything like that in place or any plans to have it implemented?


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