[Serusers] PostgreSQL

Takefumi Naito natake at nifty.com
Mon Jul 28 17:24:59 CEST 2003

Thanks a lot for your advise.

I tried to do  
	$psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U seruser -W ser
Connecting database ser is success.

But in the log file, these following lines appeared 
after SER started using /usr/sbin/ser command.
	FATAL:	 Non_superuser connection limit exceeded
	LOG:	 pq_recvbuf:unexpected EOF on client connection
Maybe this is the reason database doesn't work, I think.
It seems SER can't connect to postgres.
What should I do?

Another problem: SER processes don't stop using /usr/sbin/ser stop. 
Many SER processes are surviving.
Is it strange?

Most sincerely

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