[Serusers] Re: SIP-H.323 IWF

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Mon Jul 28 12:19:18 CEST 2003

It works now very fine. Except an annoying TAG thing that is being added to
the SIP address in the table.
I just changed all the params to 1 (dg_flag, log_missed_flag, ...) as per
the config fileI received from Klauss.
Even the aliases are fine now.
I also added the line modparam("rr", "enable_full_lr", 1), restarted the SER
server and commented that line.
I got it from the ser.cfg that I received from the great Klaus Darilion
(Many thanks to HIM)

What does it instruct SER to do?
Also I wish to know what these functions do: record_route() and
loose_route(). In a simple English or French language please!!! I speak C
but with many mistakes!!!

Thanks for your time. You are a nice man (man or woman I am not sure!!!!!)

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> > I am attaching my ser.cfg file
> > Also remember to check my ALIASES configuration. They work for my FXS
> > don't work for XLite.
>   Config looks fine, I can't tell you more without _exact_ description
>   of the problem, possibly accompanied by message dumps.
>     Jan.

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