[Serusers] Voicemail implementation

Juan J. Sierralta P. juanjo at atmlab.utfsm.cl
Thu Jul 24 22:16:58 CEST 2003


	First of all thanks to SER developers for the great work.
	I'm new to SIP and SER, I been playing with it a week ago and I was
able to setup a 0.8.11pre, and now I want to try the voicemail service.
It seems that I need to run another SER instance for voicemail and
redirect the requests to that instance.
	It is posible to process the voicemail request on the same instance I
use to forward/register users ?
	Or I need a second SER running. In case of 2 SER servers, it is posible
to run them in the same box using diferent ports and diferent databases
	What are the combinations ?

Juanjo sin .sig :(

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