[Serusers] serweb / Make a patch file

Marcelo Schmidt mschmidt at equinix.com
Wed Jul 23 20:59:53 CEST 2003

Agree.  In short you use preferably diff -u or diff -c and you apply the
diffs with 'patch'.
I don't have any samples right here but I am sure someone has some in
the list.


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Hi guys,

I've noticed that lately the list here seems to be
getting a little short tempered. The main guys work very
hard on this software.  Often they get the same questions
over and over again.  Let's not forget that the authors
of this software have worked thousands of hours for no compensation to
write this.  They don't owe us anything, and we should really appreciate
the donation!

There is some effort that must be expended to identify a
bug, fix it, then provide a patch to the authors so that they can easily
administrate the checkin to the source tree. Simply pointing out a bug
to one of the authors is nice, but if you are capable it would be polite
to go the extra few steps.

I've been writing software for 25 years, and I am not clear how to make
a patch file.  Can someone provide an example :-)

Just my two cents,

Greg Fausak

> You wrote this couple of weeks before: I have no crystal ball and I am

> not going to reply to this thread anymore... With the same info I sent

> you all, someone else "Jiri" found the problem
> at that specific reply you wrote above.  Which it tells me you don't
> know it all and you read email better.
> If this is the way you try to provide any help, please don't help me.
> -m
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> On 23-07 10:45, Marcelo Schmidt wrote:
> > Well, right besides the method allow_call_time_pass_reference is
> > deprecated in php4 but the latest version of serweb uses it anyway, 
> > doh :)
>   So what ? Fix it instead of complaining..
> > And following the error log to what really matters:
> > [Wed Jul 23 10:15:34 2003] [error] PHP Fatal error:  Call
> to undefined
> > function:  mysql_pconnect() in
> > /usr/pkg/share/httpd/htdocs/iptel/phplib/db_mysql.inc on line 73
>   install php mysql support.
>     Jan.
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