[Serusers] Accounting with SER

Greg Fausak greg at august.net
Tue Jul 8 05:20:19 CEST 2003

> At 04:41 AM 7/8/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
> >We are using the cisco 7206vxr gear.  They report connect/disconnect
> >messages to syslog as well.  As you note we use the TDM disconnect
> >to re-enforce our SIP BYE messages.  Often the SIP BYE is missed.
> I just want to verify I understood -- you are saying that with 7206,
> a TDM disconnect is sometimes not translated in a SIP BYE but is at
> least reported via syslog?

What we do is keep scan all ACC: messages and match the
INVITEs with the BYEs/CANCELs.  Also, we shoot the cisco log
Messages to syslog.  We match the TDM hangups to the call it was
Associated with.  Sometimes we don't get a BYE, but we always get
The TDM disconnect from the Cisco.  I don't know if the Cisco
BYE is lost, or, perhaps the UA connected to the Cisco?  I'll see if I
Can find out.

> >> 
> >> 
> >> >If ser proxy queries both side of a call at certain 
> >> intervals, that will be ok. However, I am not sure if SIP 
> >> supports such status query.
> >> 
> >> There is a mechanism called session timer. The idea is simple: make
> >> UA send keep-alive messages. If none arrives, 
> call-stateful elements
> >> in the signaling path can remove call state.
> >
> >Is there an example of the session timer with SER somewhere?
> That's a theoretical SIP option today, SER is not supporting 
> session-timer. 
> We gave it a try more than one year ago and gave up due to 
> interop problems. 
> The specification was developing at that time so quickly that 
> there was not 
> any UA which would work with another one correctly.
> Once the interoperability gets better, it could be worth 
> implementing. It 
> is in general a nice mechanism for avoiding session state 
> silo in network,
> which is good for scalability.

I think the Jasomi does a trick with an OPTIONS message.


> -Jiri 

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