[Serusers] postgres db support

Jan Janak J.Janak at sh.cvut.cz
Thu Feb 27 21:38:53 CET 2003


On 27-02 14:15, Greg Fausak wrote:
> Has anybody started on support for Postgres?

  AFAIK no.

> I've checked out the layering and it seems
> to be a fairly modular project.  I haven't coded
> in C for quite some time, but I think I can handle
> it.  Any hints?  Should I even try?

  Yes please, if you have enough cycles to write postgres support,
  please do it. I am the author of the database API, so don't hesitate
  to ask if you need any help.

  Probably the best way to start would be looking at mysql and dbtext
  modules, both of them implement the API. Please use the latest CVS
  snapshot for the development.

  Complete documentation of the API can be found in
  sip_router/db/db-api.txt or in Ser Developer's guide.

> The only thing I can see having problems with is
> the build/configure system.  How do I hook in a new
> module?  How are include directories and new libraries
> added?  I was pretty good with make, gmake, imake in my day
> but I can't seem to find the head of the Make tree!

  Grab a CVS snapshot, create a new directory in sip_router/modules,
  for example sip_router/modules/postgres, copy Makefile from
  sip_router/modules/mysql and replace mysql libraries with postgres
  libraries in the Makefile.

  let me know if you have any questions, postgres support would be very
  useful, but currently we have no manpower for that. It would be great
  if you could help.

    regards, Jan.

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