[Serusers] Some thoughts and questions

Tomas Björklund tomas at webservices.se
Tue Feb 18 12:07:03 CET 2003


I've been looking at ser for a couple of days now and there some things I
can't find in the documentation.

.1.	Logging funktionality

	I'm used to being able to log more detail than what I can get out
	ser. I'm problably missing something in the documentation, but
	what I want is something like the following

timestamp ser[pid] Incoming packet from ip:port
[dump of packet (only the sip header/body)]
timestamp ser[pid] Invite from [] to []
timestamp ser[pid] After rewrite: from [] to []

timestamp ser[pid] Relaying packet to [pstn-gw/other sip server]
timestamp ser[pid] Handling request for local user []

	Can you send arguments to the log() function in the configuration
	file for example log(1,"Call from %s", uri:from); ??

.2.	Rewrite rules

	Is it possible to rewrite the from uri?

	For example when I [sip:tomas at krixor.xy.org] want to call a pstn
	number I must rewrite the from address to
	[sip:myphonenumber at krixor.xy.org] before I send the request to
	the pstn gateway

	And when a incoming call comes from the pstn gateway I want to
	rewrite the from address from [<sip:number at ip-of-pstn-gateway>]
	to {"PSTN Luser" <sip:number at pstn-gw.mydomain.com>]

I haven't looked at the source in the CVS yet, but I aim to do so soon, I
saw in the list archive that you have lots of nice new features planned
for the next release. ENUM support is one of the better ones :)

Anyway, looking forward to trying to help with the development of this

Best regards,
Thomas Björklund

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