[Serusers] Grandstream Phones

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Sun Aug 31 14:30:03 CEST 2003

At 10:37 PM 8/29/2003, Gavin Bensom wrote:
>Has anyone used the Grandstream BudgeTone-100 phones with SER? When I try to transfer a call the call gets disconnected.

Yes, but I haven't tried the transfer feature. Note that it is reponsibility
of end-device to implement call transfer correctly. SER just processes call
transfer as any other SIP transaction.If you find any explanations about the
roots of the problem, please share it with us over the mailing list.

>The grandstream documentation shows the transfer protocol here:
><http://www.grandstream.com/user_manuals/budgetone100.pdf>http://www.grandstream.com/user_manuals/budgetone100.pdf  [pg 15,16 of the .pdf]
>Any ideas what is happening? Is the Grandstream protocol compliant with what SER expects for transferring calls?
>Also, does SER support the 484 Incomplete address response? 

SER supports any responses, including "100 thanks for calling", "101 we are trying
for you", "102 have a nice day, I'm connecting your call", etc -- it is a configuration
option what you send back. You just need to design a proper numbering plan and
return 484 if GS's INVITEs include incomplete numbers.

>The BudgeTone phone can be set to send an INVITE after every button press, and will continue to do so if the server response with incomplete address instead of 404 not found.
>Finally, if users passwords are set to (null) will a phone that registers with a username but no password successfully register? [I haven't tried it yet].

No -- that would allow anybody who supplies empty password successfuly
steal my incoming calls.


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