[Serusers] questions about ser & MSN 4.6

Hassan CHOUMAR Hassan.Choumar at int-evry.fr
Mon Aug 25 11:58:02 CEST 2003

I installed serweb with the server SIP on a PC, and he works very well, 
But I have a problem at the level of the recording on one to use User Agent 
MSNMessenger 4.6, I configured well the MSN and later, during the recording, it 
does not give me the permission, 
On the other hand mysql work with the server ser, because I made out a will ca 

root >/usr/sbin/serctl moni     and
root >/usr/sbin/serctl ps

I realized an analysis of the network between the server and the machine, I saw 
that the message to registrar SIP is sent on the server but he does not 
answer to accuse the demand.
Anybody between you knows where from comes the problem
Thank you in advance 

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