[Serusers] questions about redirect server ??

Hassan CHOUMAR Hassan.Choumar at int-evry.fr
Mon Aug 25 11:52:51 CEST 2003

Hello all, 
I shall want to know how we realize redirect of call in ser, 
What is that it is enough to put the code existing in the guide ( 
redirect.cfg ) in the ser.cfg file and redemarrer the waiter(server) or how??

# $Id: redirect.cfg,v 1.4 2002/10/04 21:37:11 jiri Exp $
# this example shows use of ser as stateless redirect server

# ------------------ module loading ----------------------------------

loadmodule "modules/sl/sl.so"

# -------------------------  request routing logic -------------------

# main routing logic

	# for testing purposes, simply okay all REGISTERs
	if (method=="REGISTER") {
		sl_send_reply("200", "ok");
	# rewrite current URI, which is always part of destination ser
	rewriteuri("sip:parallel at iptel.org:9");
	# append one more URI to the destination ser
	append_branch("sip:redirect at iptel.org:9");
	# redirect now
	sl_send_reply("300", "Redirect");

Thank you in advance 

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