[Serusers] Newbie Questions about SER/serweb

Nell Bolen nell at plank-road.com
Sat Aug 23 19:28:50 CEST 2003

Hello contributors,

With little knowledge of what I was about, have set up a test ser server
and serweb pages.
At some point down the road, perhaps I'll learn enough to contribute an
answer now and then.
For now, I respectfully ask for help from anyone in this group who can
give it, and
thank you ahead of time for any efforts. Have the following


Question #1 (about serweb): Will serweb pages run with php in safe mode?


Problem with serweb and ser_fifo:

Serweb pages get the following error messages:

At the top of any user page:

Warning: fopen("/tmp/ser_fifo", "w") - Permission denied in /pathway to
serweb pages/functions.php on line 172

Lower down on any user page, between User:X and "your email":

sorry -- cannot open fifo

Below is the source of the error message from functions.php:

 /* open fifo now */
 $fifo_handle=fopen( $config->fifo_server, "w" );
 if (!$fifo_handle) {
  $errors[]="sorry -- cannot open fifo"; return;

Question #2 (about serweb): Who owns ser_fifo and what permissions are
needed to access it? Default
permissions/ownership show me: prw-r--r--    1 root     root

Question #3 (about ser server): How does one assign a network address
for the server as seen
in the ser.cfg example?

listen:  192.xxx.xxx.xxx

Default config in rpm contains no such line. (Sorry to be so dense, but
I know next to nothing about
sip, ser, etc. Too new to all of it.) Is the network address line
necessary, and if yes, how does one assign
a network address?

Thanks very much for any pointers/suggestions/help at all -- Nell Bolen

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