[Serusers] Relaying to PSTN

Daniel-Constantin Mierla Daniel-Constantin.Mierla at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Mon Aug 4 12:29:52 CEST 2003

check if you have tm and print modules loaded (if you use the same piece 
of config as below). Otherwise, send us line 124 from your config file.


Dave Cotton wrote:

>Using the howto
>8.2.        Relaying PSTN in ser.cfg
>The following is an extremely simple sample of how to relay a call from
>a SIP client to the PSTN
># attempt handoff to PSTN
>log("Forwarding to PSTN\n");
># The following line is not liked
>t_relay_to( "", "5060"); 
>Aug  4 11:25:51 Sheriff ser: parse error (124,28-29): unknown command,
>missing loadmodule?
>Am I missing a module?

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