[Serusers] SER/Jabber question

Christopher Dingman dingman at research.avayalabs.com
Wed Dec 11 19:35:21 CET 2002

Hi all!

I'm new to SER, and already I have a question regarding the SER to 
Jabber:  If I setup the jabber.so module to interface to a jabber 
server for IM, what's the recommended way to monitor the presence 
status of the SIP IM client?

For example, if a user with MSN Messenger registers with SER, and I set 
a rule that at registration the jab_go_online call will be made so this 
user is available on the jabber server, how do I monitor the Messenger 
user's presence?  I mean, they're not subscribed to, so the Messenger 
client doesn't send presence updates to SER, and hence to the jabber 

Then, of course, if I do subscribe from SER, who maintains the state?


Any help or examples would be terrific!

- Chris

Chris Dingman
dingman at avaya.com

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