[Serusers] cpl problem

Bogdan-Andrei IANCU iancu at fokus.gmd.de
Tue Dec 10 11:04:04 CET 2002


"cpl" is a module that interface ser with an external CPL interpreter
server written in JAVA by us. If you are interested, we can provide you
this server, but note that it does not support all the CPL actions (some
like proxy or lookup).
"cpl-c" is a new integrated version of CPL written in C. Unfortunately
is not yet ready. In 1-2 month I hope it will be available along with an
independent application for editing CPL scripts.


haibo_chen wrote:

>	i have some problems with cpl and cpl-c modules.
>first: in cpl module,what's the  Java CPL Interpreter Server, is it another server for  interpret cpl? where can i get  Java CPL Interpreter Server? 
>second:in cpl-c module ,i can't find the function for processing the sip_message and cpl,
>just like the executeCPLForSIPMessage fuction in cpl module ?
>three: with cpl or cpl-c module ,how to realize the cpl function with ser? i have compiled 
>the both modules and loaded  with ser.
>	thanks!
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