[sr-dev] licensing of videos and images from Kamailio World?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Mar 23 23:26:11 CET 2022

Hi Henning,

Yes, you are correct about the other rights, it is not just for Germany
but I was starting off with the simplest step, the videos because if
Pascom did not want to grant a license then it would be a waste of time
asking the speakers:

> you are only partially correct. Under German copyright law there are different copyrights:
> - a copyright on the video on itself (which probably belongs to Pascom, as you've stated)
> - a copyright on the presentation (which belongs to the person presenting)

There is one small distinction here: for a video the speaker has
copyright rights over their words, music, whatever

For somebody who takes a single frame out of the video and uses it as a
photograph they are not capturing the speaker's voice.  As long as the
speaker had consented to being recorded, Pascom can grant people rights
to use still images.

> - a copyright to the slides/other material shown (which belongs to the creator of the slides/other material)

Only for those parts of the video where those materials are visible

Going one step further, if the speaker uses photos or videos in their
slides then it is important to verify that those photos and videos are
also under a compatible license or fair use scenario.

> I do not think that Pascom can simply give these rights away.

The first step is for Pascom to confirm, after having that confirmation
it is then possible to ask each speaker about their slides, etc.

> A similar right situation would be e.g., if I visit a concert of a well-known and famous band and record it on my smartphone. I can not simple release this to the world, as I do not own the rights on the actual music performance. Or when I make a picture from the Mona Lisa, I am not allowed to sell my own copies from it etc..

Agreed and this is the same in many countries, not just Germany




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